Summer 2021

Energy Island Corp.

Build and manage an electric grid ! At the start of the day, build new infrastructure and plan your day. Once ready, start the day then watch electricity production / consumption in real time to adjust your buildings settings. The growth of the islands depends on you !
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Make your own energy mix

Solar panels only produce when sun is up, oil generators are expensive to run, nuclear plant can't adapt their production, ... Each primary energy has its own characteristics, you must mix them to find the better balance.

Watch electricity production / consumption

Managing an electric grid is hard. Electricity is hard to store, consumption vary between consumption peaks and low demands periods. Adapt yourself and manage your grid with information you get from the production / consumption chart.

Manage raw materials supply

Some buildings need resources (oil, coal, ...) to run. You must buy them at best price, and build infrastructure to store them.

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